3 Benefits Of A Single Hung Window Install

3 Benefits Of A Single Hung Window Install

A single hung window is a type of window that includes one moving sash. It is usually designed so that the lower sash will move up and down while the top sash always stays in place. This wildly popular type of window has many different types of benefits but here are the 3 best:

They’re Beautiful!

This type of window encourages a classic design and looks elegant around the home. It’s the type of windows that everyone dreams about seeing in their home. Having this kind of window that allows plenty of light and airflow will fill your home with a type of beauty that you never knew you needed. 

They’re Functional!

Single hung windows are extremely easy to operate, simply move the sash and open the window! There are many different types of window models that require many different steps for opening, but single hung windows can be opened easily and without hassle. They are also functional in the way that they are perfect for any type of room. Have them in your kitchen, hallway, living room, or anywhere else you want them in the house.

They’re Affordable!

Single hung windows are the best because they have a pretty low purchase cost per window. This is due to the fact that it has fewer moving parts and therefore, no hardware is needed for the top sash. The cost of a single hung window can be anywhere from 10% to 25% less expensive than double hung windows or other types of windows, which is overall great for your budget.

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