3 Window Maintenance Tips For The Fall

3 Window Maintenance Tips For The Fall Blog

3 Window Maintenance Tips For The Fall

While many people might be excited for the cool weather to begin again, the cool weather also means it is more difficult to replace or install new home items. If you want to ensure you don’t need a full window replacement during the upcoming cold seasons, it is important that you check on your windows now! Continue reading to learn 3 window maintenance tips for the fall.

1. Clean Windows Thoroughly

The most important maintenance tip has to do with cleaning your windows. Windows should be generally cleaned every 6 months, so if you haven’t cleaned them in a while, it would be worth checking it out. The fall season is one of the best times to clean your windows because it is not too cold, and also not too hot to spend some time cleaning them. In fact, since your windows went through a whole summer season, they have probably collected a lot of grime from tree branches, bugs, and dirt. If this is the case, you can take out your cleaning supplies, so that you can make them look better. Additionally, cleaning your windows helps extend their lifespan and reduces risk of damage.

2. Inspect Windows Meticulously

When cleaning your windows, you might just be checking for dirt and dust. However, it is extremely important to meticulously check your windows for any signs of damage. Look at the locks, operators, screens, and handles closely to see if anything is worn down. Signs of wear and tear are crucial to note, so that you can quickly fix the problem. If you think that your windows are in perfectly good condition, it would be best to apply a lubricant, so that your windows still operate perfectly throughout the autumn and winter season.

3. Choose Appropriate Cleaning Tools

Maintaining windows by cleaning them is important, but it’s even more important to choose the appropriate cleaning tools. If you try to clean your worn-out windows with abrasive cleaning solutions, this could damage your windows worse than before. In fact, the frame, glass, and operators can suffer extensively if they have been cleaned with harmful cleaning solutions. Instead, take time researching the least harmful cleaning products that you can use on your windows, so that you will not damage them. Research can take time, but it will be worth it in the end when your windows are maintained better than ever!

If you want your windows to last the whole autumn and winter season, consider these 3 window maintenance tips for the fall. Do you need professional help maintaining your windows? Contact the team of home experts at Quality Home Improvements today! Our team can help you maintain or install the right windows for your home!

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