4 Differences Between Bay & Bow Windows

4 Differences Between Bay & Bow Windows

Do you want to give your home a heritage look? If the answer is yes, you need to look into changing your windows. Typically speaking, bay and bow windows. These windows are used in all Victorian architectures to give them a distinctive look. Both of these window types are impressive. Good News for homeowners! Both Bay window installations and Bow window installation are possible when you’re planning your next home improvement. Generally, both of them are projection window types, but there are a few differences between them. Confused? Don’t know which one to install? Well here are a few pointers to consider before making a decision on which window type to install.

Some major differences between Bay and Bow windows:

1. The maximum number of openings in the bay window is three, whereas, in Bow windows, the openings can be up to five. You can consider this factor during your next window installation in Oshawa.

2. Bow windows are curved in shape. These windows give a nice round and open look when you look from the outside. On the other hand, bay windows have a wide center window with two smaller windows on both sides.

3. Bay windows are generally projected outside up to an angle of around ninety degrees. This is less in case of bow windows. Use an expert installer to carry out your bay windows installation for you.

4. The number of glass panels in a bow window is more compared to bay windows. This allows extra sunlight to enter your room making the room look bright and spacious.

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