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Now that summer has finally passed, many homeowners out there are under the impression that the season for home improvement has passed, but if you’re one of the many homeowners out there who still have the itch to get something accomplished around the house, it isn’t too late. Fall can actually be a wonderful time for a number of home improvement projects, and replacing your old window and doors can be a great place to start. Whether you realize it or not, your windows and doors play a major role in the overall beauty, comfort, and efficiency of your home, and if it’s been a while since you’ve updated yours, it might be time to consider doing so. To help highlight just a few of the many reasons that fall can be the perfect time for new windows and doors for your home, our team of skilled Oshawa home improvement specialistshave taken the time to put together this handy list for your reading pleasure.

Lower Your Energy Costs

If you are like most homeowners, there’s a good chance that the area around your windows and doors has deteriorated over the years causing air leaks. While it might not seem like much, these air leaks can cause you to lose a surprising amount of cool air during the hot summer months, and just as much warm air in the winter. Not only does this make the areas around them feel drafty, but it also impacts your monthly energy costs more than you might believe possible. By installing new, energy efficient door and windows throughout your home, you can ensure everything is sealed up tight to prevent air loss and help you save money over the coming months on your home’s heating costs.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Many homeowners out there don’t really appreciate just how much of an impact your windows and doors have on the overall appearance of your home, and while curb appeal might not be foremost on your mind, it’s an important thing to consider, especially if you’re looking at selling anytime in the near future. Installing new windows and doors this fall can be a great way to give your home the aesthetic boost it needs to improve its appearance and keep it looking like new.

Improved Security

The holiday season is a time for joy and giving, but it’s also the time of year when thieves tend to get bolder. If you are one of the many homeowners out there who are planning on getting out of town for a bit this coming holiday season to visit family, friends, or just enjoy a vacation, replacing your old windows and doors could be a very worthwhile security investment for your home. Weak locks, warped wood, and improper seals can all be easily pried open, putting your home at unnecessary risk of a break-in. Give yourself and your family some peace of mind this holiday season by investing in new doors and windows for your home.

Noise Reduction

Another aspect of new window and doors that many homeowners tend to disregard is the soundproofing effect they can have on your home. While you might have gotten used to the noise of cars and trucks flying by on a nearby road, it doesn’t mean it’s something you should have to live with forever. If you are ready to attain a greater level of peace and serenity inside your home this coming winter, taking the time now to replace your old doors and windows can be a wonderful first step in doing so.

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