4 Signs You Need Basement Window Replacements


4 Signs You Need Basement Window Replacements

Even though they might not be used as often, the windows in your basement are important to care for. They provide light, safety, and ventilation, which are essential elements to include in an otherwise dull, small, and closed off space. Many homeowners go without knowing that their basement windows begin to show the effects of age, wear, and tear. This can be dangerous to your home as old windows that need replacement can lead to major damage to your home and expensive repairs. Here are 4 signs that you can watch out for to tell if your basement windows need replacing:


Condensation normally appears as moisture on the surface of the window. This kind of outer layer condensation is nothing to be concerned of and can be fixed simply through opening a window or investing in a humidifier. Condensation should be regarded as an issue when it is seen between the windows. Condensation inside the glass means that the seal has been broken and the gas inside the glass has leaked out and been replaced with normal air. Windows with internal condensation will thusly not insulate properly.

Water Damage

This is an issue that starts off small but escalates quickly. Water damage can present as leaking windows, bubbling or peeling paint/wallpaper, mold growth, or sagging drywall. If your windows have water damage, they cannot properly insulate and will continue to allow the elements that they are designed to guard against into your home.

Difficult Operation

Every window in your home should open and close with minimal effort. If your windows are stiff, difficult, or impossible to open, this becomes an inconvenience and safety risk to homeowners. In case of emergency, this window that should function as a quick exist will not perform as such. Be sure that your window frame isn’t warped and causing safety issues in your home.

Broken Glass or Damaged Frames

This is the most obvious sign of whether or not your windows need replacing. Be sure to regularly inspect your basement windows as broken or damaged ones can go undetected for lengthy periods of time. Broken or damaged glass/ frame makes your home vulnerable to leaks and pests and can beget future issues such as water damage and difficult operation.

If you have noticed these signs in your basement, call us at Quality Home Improvement for your basement window replacement. We can restore your windows to be beautiful, safe, and effective. Also, take advantage of our 0% financing offer and truly save money on your home improvements. Call us at 905-721-7519 or complete our online request form.