Porch enclosure


If you are planning on spending time outdoors on your Newcastle, Ontario property, a porch enclosure might be the ideal solution for a protected environment where you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes and other insects. Plus, you can enjoy being covered from rainfall if you love the rain.

Whether you have an existing roof over a porch or you need one added on to your Newcastle home, you’ll have a wonderful way to enjoy nature yet still be protected from it when you choose to be. With porch enclosures, you don’t have to settle for a simple, traditional space where you sit in a lawn chair. You have options and ideas to choose from for your Newcastle porch enclosure.

Here are some ideas and thoughts that Quality Home Improvement professionals have put together for you on Porch Enclosures…

  1. Set Up Built-In Seating And Storage During Porch Enclosure Construction – Having built in seating that also serves as storage space gives you room to entertain guests or family and store away outdoor toys, garden tools, seat cushions, and more.
  2. Make Sure Your Newcastle Porch Enclosure Is Large Enough For Your Needs – If you are a single person or married with no children and you like to spend your outdoor time alone more often than not, then a smaller porch enclosure for your Newcastle home will suit you well. On the other hand, if you have a large family, love to entertain, or enjoy having people around for outdoor fun, a larger porch enclosure will be better. Be sure to tell your Newcastle Porch Enclosure Contractors what your space needs are.
  3. Newcastle Porch Enclosures For Swimming Pool Areas – You can have a porch enclosure near your swimming pool if you have one. They can be constructed with any design including as a lounge area that serves several for relaxing beside the pool, or you can have one built just for two for a luxurious space to enjoy. Remember the addition of mood lighting in low LED options!
  4. Choose Screened Porch Enclosures That Also Offer Glass-In Windows – If you want the most in ability to close up the room or open it up, a Newcastle porch enclosure that allows you to do so with windows and screens is best. Sometimes the humidity or darkness can drive one indoors, but with this type of porch enclosure you can still enjoy being next to nature with full glass protection. Remember to ask your Newcastle home improvement contractor about today’s high efficiency glass options for maximum energy savings and sunlight protection in your new porch enclosure room.
  5. Be Sure You Add Ceiling Fans In Your New Porch Enclosure! – Ceiling fans give you the option to enjoy a nice breeze when you’re enjoying nature on a still evening or day. Ceiling fans in your Newcastle Porch Enclosure cool you off very effectively and stirs up the air when it’s still or warm.

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