5 Questions To Ask Your Window Contractors

5 Questions To Ask Your Window Contractors

5 Questions To Ask Your Window Contractors

Is it time for you to replace your old windows? While choosing a new design of windows may be exciting, it is also important for you to find reputable contractors to install your new windows. With proper installers, you can ensure that your new windows do not result in breaks or leaks. Continue reading to learn about the 5 questions to ask your window contractors.

1. What Experience Or Qualifications Do You Have?

When it comes to getting window installations, one of the most important questions to ask is whether the contractor has experience with installing the windows. If your contractor is properly certified, the installation process should be smooth and trouble-free. Additionally, if your windows are installed correctly, they will be more energy efficient, therefore, allowing you to save money.

2. Do You Have Examples Of Your Past Work?

Window contractors who have experience should have examples of their past projects. If the contractor allows you to see any examples of past work, that’s a good sign, but looking at projects in person would be ideal. Seeing past work in person will allow you to recognize whether the contractor is reliable enough to complete your window installation.

3. Do You Offer A Free Home Estimate?

While a free home estimate will not change the quality of service when it comes to window installation, it will allow you to keep the cost of installation in mind. Additionally, a free home estimate will save you some extra money, especially if you will be spending quite a bit on your complete window installation.

4. Which Windows Would You Recommend For My House?

Contractors who are certified will be able to recommend the best design of windows for your house. Additionally, they will take your requirements for your windows into consideration. For instance, you might be most interested in windows that are energy efficient. Or maybe, you want windows that allow lots of natural light to come in. Whatever it is, your contractor will recommend the best windows for your house.

5. What Services Do You Offer After Installation?

After your windows are installed, you might think the job is complete. However, many companies will provide you with a clean up after installation. The clean up consists of having your old windows disposed of, and having your house cleaned up from the mess. Additionally, some contractors will stay in touch with you for a while after window installation, so you can contact them if you notice a problem with your new windows.

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