5 tips for selecting windows


When it comes to styling your home, most people think of colour, furniture, and floors. However, windows can have a huge impact on the style, image, and functionality of your house. Carefully determining which window is best suited for a particular project can make a world of a difference in the final product. Here’s some things to think about on your way.

  1. Think about the interior, and choose a window for that particular context.

Not all rooms in your home serve the same purpose, and neither do the windows. For example, a window in your bathroom will need to allow light to enter, but have an obstructed view from the outside. A room on a top floor can offer the option of having large window with unobstructed views (such as a bow or bay window). A kitchen usually benefits from unfixed, large windows, like our Sliding Windows.

  1. Make a selection based on ventilation for the room.

A room that has a pleasing view or little light that does not need much ventilation can suffice with a fixed window, such as our Slim Fixed Windows. This style has a thin frame that will maximize the glass viewing area. Areas that require more ventilation can benefit from many styles, such as our hung, bay, bow, awning, sliding, and casement windows.

  1. See how much outside light you need, and determine the orientation of the sun.

Too much sun in a room can be bothersome in some situations. Watching the television in a room during sunset that is illuminated by the suns ray can obscure your viewing, for example. Also, a surplus or lack of sun in the hot or cold seasons can cause you to pay more on your utilities through extra unnecessary heating and air-conditioning. Style is important, but so is function!

  1. Let your window reflect your homes personal architectural style.

Whether your home is modern or more contemporary, there are plenty of different window styles to help complete your house’s own unique style. Contemporary homes have a variety of design options.

  1. Add your own twist.

Here’s the fun part: customizing! Choosing details such as border colours, accents, etc, will provide that final touch of beauty to your new windows. The extensive colour and finish options at Quality Home Improvements offer the comfort of knowing each project will be suited to you, and your houses, unique style.

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