Windows & Doors


When you are looking for the next home remodeling project for your home in Durham, your house has ways of telling your what it needs. Old doors and windows can be a great choice for a home remodeling project, and if it has been a few years since you last replaced them, they could already be giving you signs that it’s time for a change. If you have noticed any of these common warning signs in your home, it might be high-time to look at replacing those old windows and doors with something newer that will help improve the overall quality of your home.

1. Opening or closing your doors or windows has become difficult. This is most likely due to warping from constant exposure to rain and different temperature extremes. This leads into the next warning sign.

2. You can feel drafts coming in from around the edges or underneath. This can be caused by warping or cracking and chipping, and can severely reduce the energy efficiency of your home.

3. Visible damage. This can be from storm damage or just general wear over the years. Damage to your doors and windows can not only make it more difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, but it also spoils the attractive aesthetic of your home.

4. Single pane windows. If your home still has its original windows, there is a good chance they are made of single pane glass, where most modern homes now come standard with double or triple pane. Single pane glass is completely inferior when it comes to insulating your home, and can also be dangerous as they aren’t nearly as durable as double or triple pane windows.

5. Replacement parts have become difficult or impossible to find. If you are having trouble finding the parts you need to continue repairing your old windows or doors, it’s probably time to go ahead and just get them replaced.

6. Your energy bill keeps increasing. An increasing energy bill is a good sign that your home’s energy efficiency is going downhill. Old and drafty windows or doors are a leading cause in decreased energy efficiency. Not only do they make it more difficult to maintain a steady temperature in your home, the added strain put on your heating and air conditioning unit can also shorten its lifespan.

7. Fading carpets and furnishings. If you have noticed the color on your carpets and furnishings has begun to fade, it means they aren’t getting enough protection from UV light. More than likely, this will come back to having single pane windows, as they are the worst at filtering UV rays. An energy efficient replacement can go a long way in preserving the colors on your carpets and furnishings, and help keep your heating and cooling costs down.

8. They look old and worn. The windows and doors to your home are an important part of the overall aesthetic of your home. If they look old and worn, then your whole house will. Getting new replacements is a great way to improve the value of your home and add curb appeal if you are looking at selling anytime in the near future.

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