Best Entry Doors For The Winter

Best Entry Doors For The Winter

Best Entry Doors For The Winter

With the holiday season right around the corner, many people take the time to decorate their entry door with wreaths, lights, and ivy. Although spending time on decorating your exterior doors might get you into a festive mood, it’s most important that you have the right entry doors in time for the winter season. If you are interested in learning about the best entry doors for the winter, read on!

1. Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass doors have many properties that make them great for winter! These doors are known for being insulative and energy efficient, as they have insulating foam on the inside. Having an energy efficient door will allow you to avoid high energy bills during the winter. Additionally, fiberglass entry doors are durable and low maintenance. This means that the only work these doors will need is to be cleaned occasionally from dirt and debris. Last, fiberglass doors are stable, so the material will not bend or swell, which will ensure that cool drafts will not come in.

2. Steel Entry Doors

Steel entry doors are used by many people because of their cost effectiveness. While being on the less expensive side, steel doors are also strong and secure, making them a great option for keeping your household warm. Nowadays, steel entry doors are created to be energy efficient, since they are usually created with an insulated barrier. As they are highly durable doors, they will not flinch or crack due to the weight of snow or ice. Thus, if you live in an area prone to snowstorms, they will work well for your house.

3. Solid Wood Entry Doors

Solid wood entry doors are known for their beautiful designs and finishes. Due to the natural aspects of solid wooden doors, they are great for the winter as they do not conduct heat or cold. Also, they are known for their sound dampening effect, which is extra helpful when you are in the midst of a snowstorm. While wooden doors are effective for the winter, they do require maintenance, so they can perform to the best of their ability.

Maintenance for solid wooden doors includes cleaning them, checking the weather stripping, and polishing them. If you have time to perform maintenance on your doors, solid wooden entry doors are another excellent type of door for the winter.

If you are interested in having winter appropriate entry doors without the need to replace your current doors, you can also perform certain maintenance, so they will be able to withstand the harsh winter conditions. For instance, weather stripping and weatherproofing your doors will allow your doors to be sealed properly, so no cold breeze can get through. You can also purchase a door sweep which will act as a windbreak at the bottom edge of your entry door.

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