How Does Humidity Affect Your Windows?

How Does Humidity Affect Your Windows?

How Does Humidity Affect Your Windows?

Are you experiencing condensation on your windows? This is often caused by excess moisture in your home which leads to the condensation that is often seen on windows throughout the winter season. This phenomenon often gets many people wondering whether humidity affects your windows. We’re here to answer that for you!

While humidity can have an impact on your windows, it is not usually caused by your windows. When the warm humid air that radiates within your home comes into contact with the cold window that is caused by cold air from the outside, this results in water droplets, frost or fog on your windows. This typically happens due to excess humidity in your home.

The Impact Of Excess Humidity

Excess humidity in your home can cause a lot of issues beyond experiencing condensation on your windows. This excess moisture can lead to mould growth in your home, water damage to your windows, rotting wood panes and allergic reactions to you and your family.

How Can You Reduce Humidity In Your Home?

If your home is experiencing excess humidity, you can reduce this by using a dehumidifier to help remove the excess moisture and protect the integrity of your windows and the rest of your home. Be sure to also use the fan or install a fan in your bathroom to remove vapour that is created during a shower. You can also have a vapour barrier installed behind your walls, if necessary.

If damage has occurred to your windows that is beyond repair due to excess humidity in your home, the window experts at Quality Home Improvements can help you select and install the right windows for your home.

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