How To Choose The Best Window Replacements

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How To Choose The Best Window Replacements

Purchasing replacement windows is a major stop in home renovation that involves many decisions. There are many things that one must consider such as style, colour, frame, material and more that all have to weigh up against your budget and unique home needs. When shopping for your Whitby Replacement Windows, homeowners must keep in mind the following 3 elements in order to invest in the best possible windows for their home. This is your guide with information on everything you need to know and think about when purchasing window replacements in Whitby.

Type of Window Glass

When deciding between types of window glass, don’t just go for whatever is cheapest because it may not suit your needs. Be sure to consider your climate and insulation requirements. Choose a glass that appropriately fits your needs so that your windows are functional and operating well. If you get the proper windows the first time, it will be many years before you need to replace them again.

Here are some common window replacement types so that you can familiarize yourself with their pros and cons before making the final decision for your home:
● Double-glazed windows
● Gas-filled windows,
● Warm-edge spacers,
● Triple-paned windows
● Low-emissivity glass
● Low-E 2
● Low-E 3
● High-performance glazing

Energy Efficiency

Purchasing window replacements that are energy efficient will save you money in the long term by lowering your costs on cooling/heating your home. Check for an energy certification label on windows that you are interested in purchasing. If they have the certification, they should also label the U-factor, R-value, and solar heat coefficient (SHGC). The levels of these elements will tell you the following:
● U factor- the measure of how the window prevents heat from escaping
● R-value – the measure of how material resists heat transfer through conduction
● Solar Heat Gain Coefficient- the ability of the window to block heat from the sun

Window Types

The final important thing to consider is what type of window you want. This will determine both the functionality of the windows and the aesthetics that they give in your home. Below are the various different options you can choose form and their pros and cons:
● Casement windows – swing open with a crank, easy to clean, excellent ventilation, not appropriate for homes in high traffic areas.
● Awning windows – good at keeping rain out even when they are open, relatively air tight, have either single or double-paned glass.
● Sliding windows – slide back and forth, easy to clean, excellent view.
● Fixed windows – air tight, don’t open.

Replacing your windows may be necessary but being confused about which ones to get doesn’t have to be. Be sure to educate yourself on the various types of windows and which can be most efficient for your home. Despite the high costs, making your window replacement choices as a prepared customer is important to save you money in the long run. Quality Home Improvements can help you find the best window replacements Whitby. With our expertise and guidance, you can make a purchase that satisfies all of your home’s unique needs. If you are looking for Durham region windows and doors then please call 905-721-7519 or complete our online request form.