How To Know If You Are In Need Of A Window Replacement

How To Know If You Are In Need Of A Window Replacement

How To Know If You Are In Need Of A Window Replacement

How often do you inspect your windows? Many issues with windows can be overlooked as the problems may not obviously present itself. While older homes are typically in need of a window upgrade, many signs of replacement can easily be bypassed, potentially resulting in security and comfort issues.

Windows that are in tip top shape improve the energy efficiency of your home which can reduce costs, improve the amount of natural lighting in your home and increase your home’s attractiveness and value.  Understanding when you need a window replacement is crucial to assuring the efficiency of your home.

Here is how to know if your home is due for a window replacement.

Single Pane Windows

Does your home only carry single pane windows? Single pane windows are outdated and should be replaced with more modern double or triple pane windows. These stronger styles of windows can protect your home better in terms of security and weather damage, are better insulated and can lower your energy bills due to improved energy efficiency.


If condensation of frost can be seen in the inside of your window or between panes of glass, it’s time for a window replacement as condensation indicates the degradation of your window performance. Condensation can be due to a crack in the glass or the seal of the window being compromised.


Do you feel a draft coming in from your window? Drafts can be characterized by cold or warm air seeping through your window and are often a result of long term weather damage or a poor sealing job. It’s important to check your windows and see if you can feel any air seeping in. Sometimes drafts can be heard through the window, especially if there is a strong breeze.

If you feel a draft, it is critical to get your windows replaced as the indication of a draft coming in can result in your windows wearing out faster and your air conditioning or heating system working harder to compensate, resulting in higher utility bills.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

If you are struggling with opening and closing your windows, it is likely your windows may be suffering from damage or a poor installation job. Windows should open and close smoothly, efficiently and be locked easily. A broken lock on your window can also be a cause of concern as safety issues can arise due to an unsecured window.


While windows can face varied types of damage, some types of damage can be worse than others. Certain types of damage may warrant window replacement rather than window repair, so it is important to be vigilant when analyzing the state of your windows. Sometimes issues such as a Leaky Window can be fixed with some repairs, however most types of damage warrant a window replacement. If you see water damage, cracks, rust, mold, problems with the frame, or foggy glass, your windows must be replaced.

If you feel that the windows in your home fit the bill for any of the situations listed above, it is time for a window replacement. There is no better time for a window replacement than now.

The Canada Greener Homes Grant gives you money back for making your home more energy efficient. A window replacement may be the right choice in improving the energy efficiency in your home. With the Canada Greener Homes Grant, you can receive a rebate of up to $5000.

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