Maintain Your Windows in the Winter Season

maintain your windows in the winter

Maintain Your Windows in the Winter Season

Happy New Year! While warmer spring weather is only a few months away, protecting your windows during the remaining winter months is important to avoid damage, to keep energy bills low, and to keep cold air out of your house. Luckily a few simple precautions can help protect your windows against the wintery weather and see your home safely through to the spring. Continue reading to learn how to maintain your windows during the winter.

Caulk Your Windows

Did you know that heat escaping through your windows can contribute to as much as 1/3 of your energy bill? If you notice cold air seeping in from your windows, or if warm air is escaping easily, applying or re-applying caulk with a caulk gun can seal any unwanted air gaps. It is important to caulk both the interior and exterior sides of the windows as this will both protect your house from moisture and prevent cold air from entering your household. Before caulking your windows, remember to never caulk movable elements, to avoid weep holes, and to buy the right type of caulk for your window type.

Try Weather Stripping

Weather stripping your windows will prevent cold drafts from entering, as well as prevent heat from escaping through the gaps. Sealing the gaps around your windows can save you as much as 20% on your next energy bill! If you are looking for a simple, efficient, and long-lasting way to prevent cold drafts from entering your house this winter, weather stripping is the perfect cost-effective solution to preventing energy loss.

Add Glazing To Your Windows

If you have never glazed your windows before, you should consider doing this to maintain your windows during the winter. When condensation forms on your windows, they are at greater risk of developing mold and other problems. Glazing your windows by installing heat-shrink plastic film, adding storm windows, or upgrading to different types of glazed windows will provide better insulation, thus keeping the temperature of the window warmer to decrease chances of condensation.

Look For Ice Buildup And Cracked Windows

One of the dangers you might face in the winter is ice buildup on your windows. Like any surface, when water cools down and turns into ice, it can lead to cracks on your windows or window frames which can lead to issues like mold. Cracked windows will also increase the price of your energy bill. Additionally, if you have small children (or curious pets) cracked glass can be a danger to have inside the home. If you notice ice buildup or cracked windows, it’s time for you to get a window replacement immediately!

While it might be a common idea that you shouldn’t get your windows replaced in the winter, the cold conditions can help you locate the draftiest spots in your home and allow you to determine which window solution will work best for your household. Many installers can also work with you to make sure your windows are properly replaced during the winter.

Getting your windows through the winter doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. The experts at Quality Home Improvements can help you inspect, replace, or install new windows for your home… even in the middle of winter!

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