purpose of siding and when to change it

purpose of siding and when to change it

Siding serves an important purpose in protecting your home and its contents from adverse weather conditions like snow, rain, wind, etc. Siding Installation protects your home’s interior from the cold weather outside. It also helps in trapping the inside heat to keep your home warm during winter. Once siding installation is done, your home also looks attractive from outside. Siding Installation also reduces the chance of moisture build up by preventing water and debris from entering the walls and insulation.

What happens in case of a poor siding?

In case of a poor siding installation, water will easily find its way into the frames and damage them. Due to trapped moisture, there will be rotting of wood and other interior damages including mold growth. It can eventually dampen and damage the interior walls too. Purpose of siding is to protect your home interior by preserving the building from any kind of wear and tear. Thus, in the long run, you will have less home repair bills.

What are the signs to identify that new siding may be needed?

In case you are unable to understand the requirement of new siding, look for a few signs to identify it. If you find the siding getting detached from the surface or bending outward, it is an indication that you need new siding installation done. This happens when moisture or rain-water goes underneath damaging the siding. You can also check home interiors to see if paint is peeling. This is another sign to identify that new siding may be needed. Look for any black or green patches on the siding itself which is another sign to identify the requirement of new siding installation. You may also notice soft spots on the siding because of rotting boards. In such cases replace it immediately to prevent further damage.

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