Solutions For Leaky Windows

Water condensation on windows during winter causing damage

Solutions For Leaky Windows

Eventually, all things in life break down and stop functioning as well. When it comes to windows, regular wear and tear from weather exposure will eventually cause windows to break down and being leaking. This can look like chipping or peeling paint, bubbling spaces in the wall, or obvious moisture tracks. If your window beings to leak, here are some ways to temporarily fix the issue until it can be professionally repaired.

Thicker Curtains
This will not fix a leaky window, but it will temporarily help insulation. Leaky windows will make heat escape from windows quickly and thicker curtains will help combat this. They will ensure that your AC/ Heater does not have to work harder at keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Draft Snake
Draft snake are more commonly used around doors however, they can also be used around window. Trim them to the appropriate length of your window, place it on the sill, and shut the window on top of it. Doing this will keep unwanted moisture and drafts out of your home.

Weather Stripping
Window leaks can be caused by worn out weather stripping. If this is the cause of your leak, removing the old weather stripping and replacing it with a new one made of stronger, more durable material can easily fix it. Necessary supplies to do this can be found at home improvement stores.

If it is not necessary to completely remove and reinstall your weather stripping, caulking may be the right solution for you. You can fill the small gaps in your frame with caulk in order to temporarily stop leaking.

Window Film
Window film is a clear plastic sheeting, available at home improvement stores, that you adhere to the panes of your windows. When heat is applied to it, it will shrink to the material and act as a guard. This material will block out leaks and unwanted air.

The most effective way to stop a leaky window is to get it replaced. This option will likely also save you money in the long run because it will permanently fix an issue that would have otherwise been temporarily handled in small costs that eventually add up. If you are in need for a Window Repair Whitby, call us at 905-721-7519 or complete our online request form. Our trusted professionals can give you the results you want and deserve. Also, take advantage of our 0% financing offer and truly save money on your home repairs.