Steel Vs. Wood Doors For Homes

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Steel Vs. Wood Doors For Homes

The material that you use for your home’s front door must be able to withstand the harshest of elements. It also must be strong enough to keep intruders out, beautiful enough to make your home look attractive, etc.When picking a door, it is easy to get caught up in the choices that you’re offered without really realizing the pros and cons of all of the options. We at Quality Home Improvements are experts in all things windows and doors. To be sure that you pick a door suitable for your home, here is is our complete guide to choosing between a steel and wooden door.

Cost and Efficiency

Steel doors are less expensive than wooden doors. You can get wooden doors for the price of a steel door but these are of low quality and may not last as long as high-end doors with better construction. Steel doors are also more energy efficient than wooden doors because they have a higher insulation value and are good at keeping warm or cool air within or without of your home (depending on the respective circumstance). An efficient door like a steel door will save you more money upfront while also allowing you to save down the line.

Care and Maintenance

Steel doors come fully finished from the factory where as wooden doors typically require refinishing every one to two years to protect the wood from weather. The most that a steel door would require in terms of maintenance would be periodic repainting to protect steel from moisture that can lead to rust.

On the other hand, wood doors are easier to repair than steel ones. Any dents that occur in steel doors must be sanded and filled using an auto body repair kit and repainted. If this is not done, scratches or dents may rust and cause further damages. If dents or scratches occur in wooden doors, the wood won’t deteriorate and would simply require a quick sanding and refinishing.

Style and appearance

The beauty and versatility of wood doors is a major appealing factor for homeowners that may sway them towards this choice. Wood is a natural and welcoming material for the entryway of your home. It can also be painted any colour that you choose and comes in a wide range of materials such as pine, oak, cherry, walnut, maple, and more. Steel doors can look cold and uninviting for some people. To amend this, steel doors can be embossed with a wood-grain pattern to mimic wood door styles. They can also be painted any colour that you choose.

Durability and security

Steel doors are more durable and stable than wood doors. Steel is stronger than wood and won’t warp or crack through strong weather conditions or other forces. Wood on the other hand, may crack when impacted by strong forces. The best thing that one can do in terms of security with their doors is to install a quality door lock on the door of your choosing.

Installing new doors can be easy when you hire Quality Home Improvements. For a limited time offer, get free colour on all steel doors when you buy with us. If you’re interested in purchasing new doors and installing replacement doors, call us at 905-721-7519 or complete our online request form.