Why You Should Get New Windows In The Summer

Why You Should Get Windows In The Summer

Why You Should Get New Windows In The Summer

While summer is a time for relaxation and fun in the sun, summer is also a great time to get all your house cleaning projects off your to-do list. If you have been thinking of getting new windows, summer is the perfect time for this! Read our blog below to find out why you should get new windows this summer.

1. Good Weather

Window replacements require you to open your house to the outdoor elements. Rainy weather in spring, and cold, snowy weather in the winter is off limits because it can ruin the construction done on the windows. For instance, with exterior caulking, rainy or snowy weather will not allow the caulking to dry. It can also be difficult for workers to replace windows in these weather conditions because this weather can impede their vision. Because of the harsh weather in these seasons, summer is the best option for window replacements since it is warm and sunny!

2. Energy Efficient

Getting your windows replaced in the summer is more energy efficient than in other seasons! The reason for this is because it takes a lot of energy to cool an entire house down. Once you have new windows installed, your air conditioner will not need to work extra to cool your house down. Additionally, depending on the windows you purchase, you might find that your new windows were built to reduce the sunlight that is coming into your house. These new windows will decrease the warmth created by the rays of sunlight, thus, also decreasing the work your air conditioner needs to put in to cool your house down.

3. Creates A Quiet Indoors

Do your kids enjoy playing outside in the summer? If they do, then you know how loud they can be while outside. This outdoor noise seeps into old windows which may cause you to fret if you need quiet indoors. If you want some peace inside, new windows can help with that! Any breaks or cracks in your old windows could be replaced with new windows, therefore soundproofing your house!

4. Preparation For Winter

You might be asking, why do we need to prepare for winter when summer just started? If your windows allow water in when its rainy, it’s time for you to purchase a new set of windows. Replacing old windows will stop your house from letting cold air into the house in the winter. So, since it is easier to install windows in the summer, you should act now, so that you are ready when winter arrives!

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The Canada Greener Homes Grant gives you money back for making your home more energy efficient. A window replacement may be the right choice in improving the energy efficiency in your home. With the Canada Greener Homes Grant, you can receive a rebate of up to $5000.

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